Saturday, 4 April 2009


1. first attempt at making chicken dumplings failed this morning. probably needs a bit more lard or water next time as the dough felt a wee bit on the tough side when i was kneading it. was tempted to bin the whole mix as the process got more and more ardous and thought the product is just not gonna be up to the standard... thought in the end that i may potentially waste perfectly boiled eggs and decent chicken filling so (what the heck) i banged it in the oven. it turned out as gorgeous, yummy, chicken-roll-pie-thing.

2. watched three archetypal rom-com movies (i know, not the usual heavy going fare a self-respecting cinephile would watch) apart from 'running with scissors', this afternoon to patch up the rather boring day. 'running with scissors'was quite good. a story of a 14 something boy abandoned by his loony mom to a wacky family of a pysychiatrist with three more adopted children. i have yet to meet a psychiatrist with his own 'masturbaturium' if there is such a thing. annette bening is so brilliantly funny when she said something like: 'i can smell manure coming off your ears' to alec baldwin who played her husband.

then it was 'knocked up' from a relatively unknown cast. i think i've seen some of them in a few canadian films. runs like an indie film. very funny in a very quirky sort of way. like 'juno'. girl met boy in a club, got drunk, had one night stand and got pregnant. scenes between boy and girl are so real. pretty much convincing playing their roles. so easy to laugh out loud with.

the third movie was 'suburban girl' dvd sleeve says '...could give 'the devil wears prada' a run for its money' oh, well. whatever. didn't find it really funny. kinda boring and pretentious. both sarah 'buffy the vampire slayer' gellar and alec baldwin didn't really look the part of publishing editor or writer types.

3. we spent most of the afternoon debating who could play balwin's role better. my choices were: between woody allen, steve buscemi and harvey keitel. tgf's were: ralph fiennes, brad pitt (obviously) and george Clooney.

We in the end settled with johnny depp. I know, you'd probably think 'pirates of the caribbean' but johnny can also look quite the intellectual in a very eccentric way.

4. the weather was bright and sunny. at least, in the afternoon. we could have gone for a lovely walk in the park but ( see number 1).

5. sister in law turned up with spicy roast duck and some oriental veg and noodles combo for dinner. went really well with a few glasses of sparkling wine (tgf said it was champagne) left over from yesterday.

6. warm shower and a wet shave.

7. cuddles in bed.

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