Thursday, 3 March 2011

fat cats

scratching forlornly in the yard like a headless chicken on a gander and panic-struck by my overly-drawn bank account this month. my finances resemble a shower of shard glass made from empty milk bottles knocked over by a rather hungry cat.

phoned up the bank to increase my overdraft limit one tiny bit so as to avoid paying half of my arm and leg for the overdraft charge and their only solution is to offer me a killer loan on a stick laced with extortionate interest. bloody wankers!!! do they sleep well at night?

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

happy new year

how to hold bladder and search for a loo in paris

spending new year holidays with wifey and daughter in paris. unfortunately, the weather is not that splendid but i had the loveliest time! had the best moules marinières in champs elysees and is quite tempted to have oysters served on a massive mound of ice off the streets but didn't actually have the stomach for it so only had sparkling and the most stunning fromage de chèvres kebabs. nowhere else in the world you could have decent champagne with your street food. only in paris. i'm also quite delighted that they were subtle with the fireworks. it would have been obscene for the state to spend on garish firecrackers whilst on recession lol!