Sunday, 5 April 2009



slept quite late last saturday night which basically is not what i planned (going to london the next day). i would normally watch a potentially boring film to help me sleep. period films often do. the extremely glamorous 1930's. the year between them up to the late forties even more so. stories of japs taking on the yanks as well as the nazi kicking butts of jews and marxists in europe instead of fairy tales lull me to sleep as a child.


sultry ladies singing anything that was taken off a 'gershwin songbook', a gentle head massage and a hot drink thrown in for good measure also helps. methinks 'diana krall' dressed as french milkmaid pushing a tea trolley would kill me.


we planned for a few days weekend getaway and to celebrate mother's day. so tgf is keen to put me to bed early. she offered a steaming mug of chamomille. or whatever herb tea or cure-all drink your nan would make when you're feeling poorly. it's amazing what e.s.p. can do between two loving couples. she can read your mind and sometimes get it right when you're particularly lucky. but not always. not this night, i suppose. . tgf is a bit of a 'health nazi' and would shove anything that has the words: wonder, nature or even magic. written on a pill bottle. it's fascism but for your own good.


watched 'the edge of love' as i was feeling rather tired iffy after doing a day shift, two graveyards and two more days after just one day off. i wouldn't really watch a very full-on film noir with a very fancy plot and loads of gratuitous violence at this stage. a nice, feel-good, humdrum movie will do .


i actually stayed wide awake watching the 'film' in its entirety. excellent. well, as a film. but not for my well-being. . a very digitally enhanced 'keira knightley' as white impersonator of 'billie holiday' singing the blues away inside the tube while london is pummelled by the germans is actually quite funny. never mind the not so funny 'matthew rhys' as dylan thomas and his equally boring and pseudo-intellectual poetry. it's enough that 'sienna miller' played the nympho wife getting her kicks out of everyone wearing pants with a bit of unrestrained lesbian tendency. nice.


took the early morning train. i always look forward to the nice one hour comfy train ride. the day was lovely. a bit nippy, but bright and sunny. you can see the horses and sheeps grazing in the hayfields as the train cuts through the 'kentish' countryside.


london bridge. apparently the oldest train station and was first opened in 1836. where you get off and get lost into the heart of london town.

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