Wednesday, 14 October 2009


where is the traffic warden when you need one?

[ ] 1

will write a very long and intense complaint letter to the council. not too sure if it's gonna work. sure someone's done it already, but will keep this in mind for the not so near future.

* so annoyed with the lorry driver today. he made a massive mess at the roundabout. lorries - they just park anywhere they want. seen one parking over a yellow line off a very sharp curve: it jams the view of incoming vehicle opposite, so it's potentially an accident waiting to happen.

[x] 2

get the leaking tubes under the kitchen sink fixed. will phone up gary today. he knows how to sort out just about anything from a to zed. he's already done quite a lot of (i'm sure) utterly boring menial tasks for the household which my brains just can't get around with. but essential stuff of which he's done really, really well.

* gave him a hamper full of goodies christmas last year, so i'll keep another mental note of this - for this year.

[ ] 3

toilet seat cover in downstair's loo hanging off it's hook. quite honestly, embarrassing if a lady pops in and find the inconvenience to do - whatever it is a lady conveniently does in powder room.

might sort it out meeself later today. what's a guy to do with an industry grade heavy duty duck tape??

* i always keep one handy.

[x] 4

christmas tree. i'm a bit tired of the usual green plastic one but i wanna spare the life of a real tree (because quite honestly, they are costly, that's why) so i spray-painted white the remains of a rather annoying overgrown twig off the garden fence. will hang the decorations today. see if it's okey. acceptable okey. artsy stuff evolve from random acts of slightly deranged mentality.

* dead tree equals wonderful work of art. plus it's carbon footprint friendly.

[ ] 5

finish off 'martin lukes: who moved my blackberry?'. funny book i've been reading for yonks but can't find the time to do.

i already (embarassingly, it is really a chick lit kind of book) finished 'twillight' and 'it's sequel', started on the third one but got bored and abandoned it, almost finished s. levitt's 'freakonomics' (too scholarly, but okey) i've got a backlog of 'a few other light blue coloured non-fiction type penguin classics'

* light blue in penguin apparently means: 'big ideas'.

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